Brisket Mac N Cheese Sliders

Brisket Mac N Cheese Sliders | Sauce + Style

You know when you have leftovers hanging around and you have ZERO idea what to do with them? My refrigerator is usually a mash up of random BBQ leftovers, some pasta and whatever else I happen to have leftover from last night's BBQ party. There's a limit to how many times you can eat the same dish the same way. I mean, I love my brisket, but after a couple of nights of just brisket and a side salad, I'm getting bored.

Brisket Mac N Cheese Sliders | Sauce + Style

I also happen to be lazy and have no desire to actually get too terribly creative unless I know it'll take me zero extra effort. Enter these little brisket mac n cheese sliders... Brisket Mac N Cheese Sliders are the new appetizer that you have absolutely no excuse not to make. Seriously, how easy are these little guys? You just throw some leftovers on a toasted bun and BAM, you have a completely new way to eat that brisket and mac n cheese that have been taking up valuable real estate in your refrigerator.

Brisket Mac N Cheese Sliders | Sauce + Style

Plus, how fancy you get with this recipe is completely up to you. You can make your own smoked brisket or you can head over to Pig of the Month's shop to snag some of their oh-so tender brisket. For the mac n cheese, you can simply make these sliders with store-bought mac and cheese, or you can bust out grandma's favorite recipe to go the extra mile. Regardless, these sliders are just the right balance of meat and cheese to hit the spot with every bite. There's no going back once you've eaten these sliders, so get prepared to start craving mac n cheese on your sandwiches from here on out. Don't say I didn't warn you...

Brisket Mac N Cheese Sliders | Sauce + Style

INSTRUCTIONS - Watch the video below!

Pig of the Month BBQ on Vimeo.

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Pig of the Month BBQ Brisket  

Recipe, video & photos by Meghan Bassett

Brisket Mac N Cheese Sliders | #bbq #barbecue #recipe #tailgating

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