Our Story

We put love in our BBQ. You bring it to the table.




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Our Story

The Pig of the Month story started back during the family vacations of my childhood.

I'm Lea.  Head Hog and founder of Pig of the Month BBQ. 


Pig of the Month BBQ Family photo


Each year no matter where we traveled, my dad would turn our vacations into one big barbecue hunt.


Long before Google or the Food Network, we researched every BBQ hot spot and had our fingers deliciously smeared from digging into A LOT of different kinds of barbecue. 



Those mouthwatering memories were the inspiration for my dad’s Father’s Day gift a few years back. Shortly after graduating college I searched for a gift for my BBQ loving dad and came across a company that would send their "famous" ribs nationwide. 


We sat down to the table on Father’s Day, full of anticipation, only to be met with disappointment. They were ordinary ribs, not very meaty, and I had paid a fortune to get quality that felt like a microwave dinner. 


I knew I could have done better myself. After all, we had scoured the whole country looking for the best BBQ.


What we discovered was that the best BBQ was made with love.

Lea Richards Pig of the Month BBQ


You don’t have to hit the road for smoky, tender ribs, savory pulled pork, crispy bacon, and more.


You just have to bring it to the table. Let us handle the rest.




    Lea Richards Pig of the Month BBQ pulled pork sandwich



    What Our Customers Say


    “My wife got me the BBQ of the month club for my birthday. Much better than any other gift I've gotten! I really look forward to getting each box and I plan on giving them to my family this Christmas. Thanks!” -Grant Willis

     “Thank you ~ I just placed my order. B-T-W, I sent your Ribs, Pulled Pork, and bottles of BBQ sauce as a Christmas gift to my brother in Georgia. He LOVED it. That's why I keep coming back.” -Bonnie Goska

    “Delicious! I'm such a big rib fan, but I'm always hesitant about prepackaged ones. The Lloyd's brand is disappointing. But yours are tender and fresh. And the sauce - YUM!” -Mikey Rox


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