Subscription Clubs


Want to give a gift that guarantees big smiles and full bellies? 

Give them the gift that keeps on giving!  

We'll send you a box of specialty bacon or BBQ every month for as long as you'll let us. 

Our all-natural, preservative-free meats are slow cooked to perfection so all you have to do is reheat and eat! It's perfect to store in the freezer and take out whenever a craving hits. 


What to know: 

  • Shipping is included in the price
  • You select your initial delivery date, and then we'll keep sending you tasty meats the second week of the month, every month after that.  
  • We ship FedEx / UPS service with dry ice to ensure your meats arrive safely, even in the dead of summer. 

Giving as a gift? 

Here's a print out you can use to let your lucky giftee know what's to come:

Download Gift Card

“My wife got me the BBQ of the month club for my birthday. Much better than any other gift I've gotten! I really look forward to getting each box and I plan on giving them to my family this Christmas. Thanks!” Grant Willis, Tampa, Florida



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