Nutritional Information


We realize that by purchasing from local vendors, we have a greater say in the products we use and the quality standards they have.

Whenever possible we source ingredients locally.

If that’s not possible we make sure to do our homework before working with a supplier. We only work with farms that believe in the ethical treatment of their animals, use free range practices, and do not pump their animals with hormones or drugs. 

  • Our sausages are all natural and made with natural casings.
  • Our meats have no nitrites or other garbage that store brands have in them.  
  • Even better, we know all the animals were raised humanely and fairly. 

We only choose the best products for our customers

Everything we use is all natural and free of growth hormones, preservatives, and high fructose anything.

Have a question about something or need specific nutritional information?  Just ask.