100% Money Back Guarantee

Happiness Guaranteed


Hi there! It’s Lea.

I totally get it – buying food online is tough (and as tender BBQ lovers, we hate tough).

You can’t smell the smokin’ and sizzlin’ BBQ brisket with wafts of tangy Love Me Tender Memphis-style sauce.


You can’t taste our one-of-a-kind apple pie bacon (but your mouth can water thinking about it).


You can’t experience the satisfaction of putting a rack of our award-winning ribs in front of your family and friends and watching as they go back for seconds and thirds.


While I can tell you that our #1 goal is to deliver to you the highest quality foods so that you can bring love to your kitchen table, and that our food comes from American farmers who work hard to deliver free-range, grass-fed, humanely treated meats that we combine with the best all-natural ingredients, it’s up to you to experience it for yourself.


So we stand behind our products 100%. We put love into our BBQ and we believe earning your trust is a serious responsibility.


We’ll send you a replacement or refund your money if you contact us within 30 days and let us know what the issue is. 


E-mail us at orders@pigofthemonth.com anytime or use the live chat feature on the website to let us know.  





Lea Richards

Founder & President