Grilling 101: The Best Way to Make Juicy Grilled Chicken

Grilling 101: What Temperature Do I Grill That At? | Sauce + Style

You know that magical juicy chicken you dream of getting hot off the grill in your very own backyard? It ain't as easy to make as you think. We hear it all the time - "how do I grill chicken breasts and keep them moist?" "Is there any way to avoid dry chicken? Help!" You asked BBQ-loving peeps and we are here to answer your grilling prayers. Just follow the crazy simple steps below and boom, just like that you'll be the envy of the entire neighborhood. Get that grill master cap ready...


First, use the bottom of a wide jar or glass (or even a small skillet) to flatten those chicken breasts in an even thickness. You don't need to pound them to super thin cutlets, just make them even. Now, brine that bird! Even a mere 30 minutes in a salty brine or marinade will make all the difference - plus you need time to fire up the grill anyway 😉


An easy brine is super salty water with a dash of black peppercorns will do the trick, or go fancy with a marinade for a couple of hours. Either way, make sure you are letting the chicken rest in the brine or marinade for at least 30 minutes.


Once the grill is hot, oil it up and grill the chicken breasts over medium high heat, approximately 350 to 425 degrees. Make sure they are over direct heat and grill them for just a few minutes per side. Fast and hot gives you a good sear and keeps the meat nice and juicy. When the meat reaches 155 degrees, remove it from the heat and let it rest. Don't worry, it'll keep cooking and reach that safe zone of 165 degrees while it rests. Just don't cut it too soon or you'll lose those tasty juices! Serve with any Pig of the Month BBQ sauce, chimichurri, or salsa. Happy grilling folks!