BBQ Ranch Chopped Salad

BBQ Ranch Chopped Salad | Sauce + Style Blog (

A salad?! On Sauce + Style?! I know it's a bit shocking to see something on the healthy side pop up here, but being on a teeny tiny cleanse inspired me to up my salad game. With bacon of course.

BBQ Ranch Chopped Salad | Sauce + Style Blog (

Normally I am NOT a salad person (as in I avoid it at all costs), but when a salad combines all my favorite things, I'll change my stance on it momentarily. This BBQ Ranch Chopped Salad is the perfect example of what'll get me in a salad-eating mood. Yes, this salad is loaded up with some healthy veggies, but there's also bacon and a BBQ ranch dressing that is going to blow your freaking mind.

BBQ Ranch Chopped Salad | Sauce + Style Blog (

Seriously, this salad is so good you'll actually find yourself CRAVING it. So wrong, it's gotta be right ;) am I right?

[vimeo 198218518 w=640 h=360]

BBQ Ranch Chopped Salad from Pig of the Month BBQ on Vimeo.

INSTRUCTIONS: In a small bowl, stir together ingredients for the dressing. Set aside. Add mixed greens, tomatoes, garbanzo beans, bell pepper, avocado, and cucumber to a cutting board. Chop all the ingredients up well. Add chopped ingredients to a bowl. Stir in cheddar, sunflower seeds and bacon. Top with dressing and toss to coat. Serve.

BBQ Ranch Chopped Salad | Sauce + Style Blog (

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*Recipe, photos and video by Meghan Bassett