How to Grill Pizza

Want that killer grilled pizza at home? Just follow our super simple How to Grill Pizza video!

How to Grill Pizza | Sauce + Style

You might think grilled pizza is a luxury that you can only get when you go out, but you couldn't be more wrong! As long as you have a grill, a rolling pin and some toppings, you are mere minutes away from the best pizza of your LIFE. Grilled pizza is my all-time favorite thing to eat during the summer. The flavor from the charcoals and the crispy texture are totally drool worthy! I always keep some pizza dough in the freezer or refrigerator just for this reason during the summer. You can throw whatever toppings you want to and in about a half hour, you have the best pizza ever - no pizza oven or pizza stone required! Directly on the grill is the only way to do it, am I right? So just follow the video below the recipe card and get to grilling already!

How to Grill Pizza | Sauce + Style

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  Recipe, Photos & Video by Meghan Bassett