We Grill What YOU Want!

We Grill What YOU Want! | Sauce + Style (pigofthemonth.com)

Calling all grillers, smokers, BBQ fans and summer food fanatics!  It's our favorite time of year - grilling season. This is the time of year where we pull on the big kid gloves and strut our stuff around the grill every weekend. Grilling is what we live for, but we can't keep all of our secrets to ourselves... That's why we're bringing you a whole new video series dedicated to our grilling secrets. You heard us right, we're kicking off a new video series for the summer grilling season called "We Grill What YOU Want!" It's all about YOU this grilling season, piggy peeps. In our new rad series, we're going to cover all the top grilling recipes, tips and techniques that you are dying to know. Do you wish you knew how to properly start up your charcoal grill? Are you desperate to cook fall-of-the-bone tender ribs? Or are grilled vegetables giving you a run for your money? It doesn't matter what you want to know; no question is too big or too small for us! So how will it work? That's where YOU come in, BBQ-lovin' fans. Leave us a comment below telling us what YOU want to learn about grilling! You could be a first-timer wondering how to grill chicken, or you could be a seasoned pro that really wants to discover how take your grilling skills to the next level of awesomeness. Just tell us what you want to know about grilling below! Your question could get featured in our video series, which will give you some serious bragging rights around the grill at your next BBQ. We'll be choosing a handful of the top questions and then we'll highlight them in our upcoming "We Grill What YOU Want!" series. Comment below now for a chance to be featured! Happy grilling!