Top 10 Most Shared Recipes

Every now and again I like to look through the analytics and see what you guys have been loving, sharing, and tweeting the most of. I thought it would be fun to round-up those posts into a 10 best for all to see. So, without further adieu here are the 10 most loved and shared recipes from you all. 

top 10r blog:  1. Buffalo Chicken Wing Nachos: Crazy good comfort food right here. We used our all-natural chicken wings from the store , but you can use any wings you'd like.  2. Double Chocolate Pound Cake:  I remember when we made this the entire office started floating in to see what was cooking. It smells like fresh baked cookies and pound cake mixed into one delicious loaf. Take a slice with some cream cheese and make it a savory treat. 3. Skinny Oven-Fried Ravioli: You know those fried ravioli they have at bars and places like Cheesecake Factory? No? Well, you're gonna wanna try those. Get addicted - and then come here to learn how to make the "skinny" version so you can have them all the time and not have a heart attack.  4. Pulled Pork Flatbread with Mango Chutney: We're always looking for tasty new uses for pulled pork, and this one is literally my favorite.  It's quick if you use our pulled pork, and it's stunning. All the colors from the mango chutney just make this such a pretty dish. 5. DIY Guacamole Bar:  Aaaaand America's obsession with all things guac continues. Did you see that during the Superbowl alone 53.3 MILLION POUNDS of avocados were consumed? 53 MILLION!! This is recipe is a no brainer then -- spice up your guac with fun toppings and add ins. 6. Pulled Pork Crescent Rolls:  I'm always on the lookout for an easy after school snack or dinner for the kiddos, and this one fits the criteria: Under 30 minutes, minimal processed food, and TASTY. You literally take the rolls, put the pulled pork in it with some cheese and veggies and roll em up.  7. Guinness Brisket Stew: I love a good dark beer from time to time, but my old and easily hungover body does not.  Enter:  this recipe. We used cooked brisket to speed the process up, but you can also try our slow cooker brisket recipe to do it all at home. 8. Slutty Brownies With Candied Bacon:  For those of you who don't know, Slutty Brownies are as follows: one layer of cookie mix, one layer of oreos, and a final layer of brownie mix. It's sinfully good, and we kicked it up by adding candied bacon to the mix.  Save this recipe for a really bad day or a really good day. 9. Slow Cooker Lasagna:  There's something so comforting about using your slow cooker. Am I the only one? I just love that I can set it and forget it Ron Popeil style. 10 . Jalapeno Popper Potato Skins: Because sometimes you just gotta treat yo self. So much better than store bought version {yuck, preservatives out the wahoo}!! What do you think? Did we miss your favorite? Tell us below!