How Many Calories Are in a Strip of Bacon?

Bacon slice being cooked in frying pan. Close up.

While you will never hear us turning down another slice of bacon, there are those who like to live in moderation. And those same people often like to know exactly how the things they are eating are contributing to their diets.  In other words, we're talking calories. We’re here to give you the full rundown on just how far you’ll have to run to work off all those tasty morsels you ate on Sunday. Or at least, we’ll give you the calorie count so you can decide whether you want to hit the gym or not.

In general, an average 8 gram slice of bacon will run you somewhere between 38 and 45 calories. Unsurprisingly, plain bacon will cost you a little less than seasoned and calorie count goes up when the Average Weight does (thicker bacon will have more calories). On average that would mean that your Sunday brunch with 4 slices of bacon will come in at around 164 calories.

To put that into perspective, 4 slices would be like eating 2 bananas, or eating 1 Kind bar. Another way to think about this is in terms of the sweetness of the bacon. A sweeter bacon (Apple Pie Bacon for example) means more sugar, which, of course, means more calories. So, the more savory your bacon is, the less calories it’s going to have. So, like most things, if you ever find yourself looking to cut back in the meat department, consider a simple serving of one without sugar and you should be just fine.