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13 Labor Day Cocktails to Get Your Day Drink On

13 Labor Day Cocktails to Get Your Day Drink On


Labor Day weekend is pretty much HERE people. If you haven’t been planning your weekend menu, you might be in a complete panic right about now. Maybe you are really on top of it and have the entire weekend planned, gone grocery shopping and are already starting massive prep for an epic weekend of grilling (if this is you, serious props because danggggg). Either way, you’re going to need some cocktails to alleviate the stress or to enjoy after all your slaving in the kitchen and over the grill. Let’s face it, you know you’re going to basically be hammered the entire weekend and you can’t survive on vodka tonics for three days. To go along with that massive menu you’ve got going on, you need some serious drink variety in your grilling lives. Here’s the ultimate list of drinks that’ll get ya nice and twisted, but don’t taste like pure alcohol (we’ve all grown out of loving that taste since college, right?). There’s some fancy AF cocktail, some fruity cocktails, and even a few manly cocktails that the men will gladly kick back with instead of a cold beer. We’ll just be kicking back with these as the final long summer weekend rolls by if you need us.

13 Labor Day Cocktails to Get Your Day Drink On | Sauce + Style

WTF?! Punch - DIY Bloody Mary Bar - Sauce + Style (pictured at the beginning of this post!)

13 Labor Day Cocktails to Get Your Day Drink On | Sauce + Style

The Pineapple Hop - Serious Eats Watermelon Sangria -

13 Labor Day Cocktails to Get Your Day Drink On | Sauce + Style

Mezcal Mary with Roasted Jalapeño and Bacon - Serious Eats Grilled Peach Whiskey Sour - Serious Eats

13 Labor Day Cocktails to Get Your Day Drink On | Sauce + Style

Cucumber Cooler - Minimalist Baker Grapefruit Mimosas - The Brewer & The Baker Bad Idea - Supergolden Bakes

13 Labor Day Cocktails to Get Your Day Drink On | Sauce + Style

Lillet Rose Spring Cocktail - Martha Stewart Grilled Citrus Sangria - Sauce + Style


Smoked Bourbon with Candied Bacon - Sauce + Style Boozy Blueberry Lemonade with Lavender - Swooned Thirsty yet? Time to say cheers and guzzle these bad boys down already. Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend piggy peeps!

Our Top Labor Day Recipes for Celebrating All Weekend Long


It’s that one final long weekend before the holiday season starts kicking in, people. How many of you can even believe it’s almost September?! The beginning of summer feels like it was just last week and now… Well the grilling season is coming to an end and we area little broken up about it. Labor Day Weekend is that final big blowout we prepare for the moment July 4th is all wrapped up. It’s the last long weekend of the summer and we want to send out summer and the best grilling season yet in the best way possible - with ALL the food and booze. This is the most epic Pig of the Month BBQ recipe round up yet. All your favs from Sauce + Style are below. You’ll find cocktails, main grilling favs, grilled sides and even some dishes that won’t take up all the precious grill space. With these recipes, you’ll be able to keep the festivities going all weekend long. That three-day weekend’s got nothing on you because you’re about to host the biggest blowout anyone’s ever seen! Cocktails Grilled Pineapple Bourbon Smash


Strawberry Daiquiri Popsicles Pina Colada Popsicles Mojito Popsicles


Old-Fashioned Strawberry Rhubarb Margarita Grilled Mains Chipotle Bacon-Wrapped Juicy Lucy Burgers


Grilled Chili Rubbed Flank Steak Spicy Dry Rub Ribs Sweet Chile and Orange Ribs


Bacon Jam Burgers Craft Beer Can Chicken Gourmet Hot Dogs


Grilled Sides Mexican Street Corn Lemon Pepper Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Skewers


Fan Faves (no grill necessary!) Sriracha Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapeños  Sriracha Lime Baked Chicken Wings


Pull Apart Bacon Garlic Cheese Bread Bacon Jam Tartlets


Spicy Homemade Potato Chips 1, 2, 3, 4 Pulled Pork Crescent Rolls Want to skip the hassle of cooking? We’ve got ya covered there too! Just head over to Pig of the Month BBQ to order everything you need. You have until August 30th to get in on the action. Hurry up and order to get it in time for your Labor Day celebrations!