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The 12 Days of Piggymas is BACK!

The 12 Days of Piggymas is BACK!

We're back with our favorite holiday giveaway and we're looking to spread a little holiday cheer...with BBQ sauce from ear to ear! :) We'll be giving away a little something tasty everyday for the next 12 days, so stay tuned on our Facebook page and find out more details below!

For our 12 days of Piggymas, we’re sending you:

Day 1: A BBQ sauce sampler

Day 2: A trio of sweet and salty snacks - chocolate covered bacon, bacon jam and caramel cheddar bacon studded popcorn

Day 3: A bloody mary themed package with bloody mary mix, 1lb of peppered bacon, AND 1lb applewood smoked bacon

Day 4: 3 pounds of pulled meats; a little pork and a little chicken

Day 5: A bacon lovers dream with 3 specialty flavors of bacon

Day 6: Ribs!! 3 slabs of the good stuff, delivered

Day 7: All the sausage your heart could desire – sent to your door

Day 8: A heaping amount of BBQ brisket and baby back ribs…mmm mmm mmmm

Day 9: 6lbs of our best selling bacon and sausages

Day 10: A holiday ham to enjoy – we’ll do all the cooking

Day 11: 6 slabs of ribs to enjoy for Christmas Dinner

Day 12: A mix of all of our best sellers; baby back ribs, pulled pork, BBQ sauce, brisket and bacon!

Look for instructions on how to enter each day on Facebook! 

Ultimate Hangover Breakfast Burrito

Ultimate Hangover Breakfast Burrito We’ve all been there… The morning after an epic night out filled with a pounding heading, aversion to light and a pain in your stomach that could or could not be helped by food.

Pig of the Month Best Bacon & Craft Beer Pairings

Pig of the Month Best Bacon & Craft Beer Pairings

Pig of the Month Best Bacon & Craft Beer Pairings | Sauce + Style


Pig of the Month Best Bacon & Craft Beer Pairings?

Oh yea, you heard that right...

You all know we love our bacon, but what we also love to indulge in is beer. There are so many diverse beer styles out there that compliment all sorts of flavors, it may seem a little impossible to choose. For our fellow beer and bacon lovers out there, isn’t it about time you knew how to pair your favorite Pig of the Month BBQ bacon flavor with craft beer? We thought so. It took a lot of hard work on our part, tasting all that bacon and beer to create the perfect pairing guide for you all, but we did it. For the good of the TEAM. Such sacrifice, we know. The following Pig of the Month Best Bacon & Craft Beer Pairings guide gives you everything you need to know, so you can have even more excuses to indulge in more bacon and beer. You’re welcome.

Pig of the Month Best Bacon & Craft Beer Pairings | Sauce + Style

Happy pairing, piggy fans!

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