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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Eggs

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Eggs Easter brunch wouldn’t be complete without these chocolate covered strawberry eggs on your dessert table! Chocolate covered strawberries may look difficult, but with the melting wafer they have out now, you don’t even have to worry about tempering the chocolate. You just melt, dip and decorate! 

Strawberry Shortcake Mason Jars

Strawberry Shortcake Mason Jars These strawberry shortcake mason jars add a fun twist to this dessert, making them easily portable for picnics or even surprise sweet treats for family and friends. Every element in this dessert is super simple to make (yes, even the biscuits are a breeze!). You’ll love the sweetness from the fruit, the fresh and airy whipped cream, and the tiny golden brown biscuits.

Double Chocolate Raspberry Mason Jars

Double Chocolate Raspberry Mason Jars These double chocolate raspberry mason jars are a combination of all my favorite things – chocolate, fresh fruit, more chocolate and pillowy whipped cream. With every forkful you pull up a little bit of everything, guaranteeing an incredible bite. Plus chocolate cake AND chocolate chips?

Lattice Topped Mixed Berry Mason Jar Pies

Lattice Topped Mixed Berry Mason Jar Pies These mixed berry mason jar pies are so gosh darn cute, you will be able to make your worst enemy a friend simply by handing them one. The mix of the three berries is delicious and the addition of lemon zest really brings out those tart and sweet flavors. No need to fight over who gets the biggest piece anymore! Everyone gets their own, perfectly individual-sized portion.

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