Bacon Shot Glasses Are Here


Bacon shot glasses are here, and they're here to stay. Made by the porcine lovers at Through The Eyes of My Belly, bacon shot glasses get an extra dose of sinful with the addition of a chocolate dip. That's right. Chocolate dipped bacon shot glasses. Mind blown. Some of our long time customers will remember a time when we used to make a vanilla bourbon bacon. We still receive a dozen or so requests a year for it. If you rubbed the bacon down with a little brown sugar and cayenne before baking this would be an almost perfect replacement. All it needs is a swig of fine Kentucky Bourbon, and you've got a fine stand in that'll get you super toasted while smelling roasted ;) It doesn't look too hard, either. You create the mold out of aluminum foil and bake the bacon around it, and then fill to the brim. So, what do you think? Will you be guzzling your spirits from the bacon glass, or sticking to boring old shooters?