Presidential Edition BBQ Sauces

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  • Grass Fed & Organic Meats
  • Cast your vote via your condiments (after actually casting your vote, that is!)

    Pick your candidate, or get both as a keepsake from the craziest year on record. 

    Cup of Joe Biden Espresso BBQ Sauce -- the jolt that both your meats and our country needs.  Bold, earthy, and with enough Espresso to wake up the entire country.  Layer it on thick where it counts and watch the changes to your taste buds happen. 

    Make Meat Great Again! Trump BBQ Sauce -- It's a perfectly traditional BBQ sauce that's of the meat, for the meat, and by the people who know meat best (us!) Slather it on everything and watch it cut through the fat, so to speak.  Tangy and traditional, just the way you like your president. 


    Gluten Free!

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