BBQ of the Month Club - 3 to 12 Months

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Give them the gift that keeps on giving!

3 months of delicious BBQ and sides are a gift they're sure to remember.

It's the best way to show that special someone you're thinking about them. Especially perfect for the family across the country, your long distance bestie, or the manly meat-eater in your life.

Bring a smile to their faces and some relief in the kitchen. They'll love you for it.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Month 1: 2 racks of Memphis ribs with a bottle of our sweet and tangy Memphis sauce, a pound of applewood smoked bacon, and some bacon studded caramels for dessert 
  • Month 2: A couple of pounds of sliced BBQ brisket, fresh rolls, a pound of our famous BBQ baked beans & our smokey Texas BBQ sauce
  • Month 3: A tasting of our favorite pulled meats; including pulled pork and pulled chicken, all with extra sauce and buns.  
  • Month 4: Dinner is a calling with a mix of our Texas ribs, and our smoked pork chops.  You'll have enough for several dinners with this month!
  • Month 5: We're giving you a tour of a NY style deli in your house with this month's selection of corned beef, pastrami and all the fixins, including swiss cheese, dressing, a loaf of marble rye and pickles. 
  • Month 6: Our most unusual, but also most requested ribs come to your door this month.  Try our Key West ribs, with a bottle of fruity and peppery sauce, along with a pound of our seasonal homemade sausages. 
  • Month 7: A breakfast treat that is sure to please; 2 pounds of bacon, cracked pepper and bloody mary flavors, a jar of our famous Bloody Mary Mix, a pound of maple breakfast patties, and our bacon cornbread mix
  • Month 8: Another hit of the good meats you ask?  Ask and you shall receive.  This month you'll get a mix of brisket and pulled pork, along with extra baked beans and a handy BBQ sauce 2 go keychain, so you always have it on you when the craving hits. 
  • Month 9: 6 pounds of our best-selling smoked bacon & sausage to stock your freezer and enjoy a little at a time.  Seasonal flavors plus a mix of our favorite mainstays. 
  • Month 10:  Something special we only offer to you guys, Bourbon Barrel Smoked ribs with our Bourbon BBQ sauce.  We throw in a sweet treat of pecan pralines to round out your southern meal. 
  • Month 11:  POTM favorites all around this month; you'll get our fan favorite picks of ribs, bacon, sauce and a sweet treat.
  • Month 12:  Let's finish of your year of BBQ in the best way possible - with a proper Southern meal!  Enjoy brisket, pork and chicken thighs all with extra sauce and some jerky to snack on.  It's a proper ending to a great year!


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