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We know shipping perishables is sometimes a bit nerve-wracking.

What happens if my giftee is traveling and I don't know it?

What if the package gets stolen?

What do I do if the carrier delivers it late and it's ruined?

It's a big purchase, and you want to make sure you're completely protected no matter what happens, so we made it easy to insure your package under any circumstance. 

It's as easy as clicking a button when you checkout and you're 100% covered no matter what happens!

Here's how it works: 

  1. Select the box during checkout  to add hassle-free insurance to your order.
  2. We will send you an email with instructions on how to contact us if there are any issues -- it's as easy as replying to that email!
  3. We fix it, no questions asked, and you get to have perfect BBQ delivered.

Enjoy peace of mind, every time.


Shipping questions? Check out our Shipping Info page.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Brenda Starwalt
Great company

We received bacon POTM as a gift, and we loved it! I then gave as a gift to my Nephew and he loves it. All of the humorous messages are a treat as well 😄 I am soon going to order some of your other products...can't wait to see how yummy those will be. Thanks to the entire staff, you all do a top notch job!!!I

Mary Forbes

My Easter ham was great, I will order again.

David Pynakker
ham was succulent

The ham was succulenr, juicy and tender. This may be the best ham I have ever had. The peas were very good. The only problem we had was the sweet potato cassarole. It did not want to thicken up. It tasted very good, but it was kind of liquidy. We never did get it to thicken up but it still tasted good. It was delivered in a timely fashion and worked out fine. We had it for our 50th wedding anniversary, and have enough left for our Easter celebration.

George Manoogian
Fast and frozen shipping

Always packed with care. They say they pop the champagne when I send in an order...well, let's share some eh?>
Bacon does not have teh additives the sore brands have and I like that.

Debra Gow
Pork the Only Meat

Entire experience was perfect!