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Tangy Memphis BBQ Sauce

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    This is our best selling sauce for a reason. 

    Everyone who tries it, loves it, and immediately starts putting it on *everything*

    We've seen people put this tangy and perfectly sweet red sauce on everything from pizza to ribs to chicken to baked potatoes to enchiladas.  

    Go ahead and give it a try, you're guaranteed to like it.

    Here's what you get:

    • 12 oz Memphis BBQ Sauce

    Gluten Free!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Arlene Bell
Love this barbecue sauce

Personally I like a little more vinegar in my sauce, but my husband does not. This sauce is a nice compromise because it’s not overly sweet. Best I’ve found.

Laurie Scott
Love this sauce

Always keep a few back up bottles on hand. Great stuff

Michael Heintzelman
My go to sauce!

I always love the ribs especially with the Memphis BBQ sauce! Simply delicious. I normally order a extra bottle to use when grilling! Love it!

Philip Lenger
Best. Sauce. Ever.

If I could make my own perfect sauce (lord knows I try. often) it would taste just like this. I put it on sandwiches, burritos, eggs, salad. Also ribs. I know - crazy. Try it and you'll see.

Thanks PotMC for this gift to humanity.

Troy Epping
Simply Amazing Taste!

This is, by far, one of the best BBQ sauces that I've had in a long time. And i've had my fair share of BBQ sauces. Loved this sauce so much so that I purchased 3 bottles a week ago. As for BBQ sauces go, this is my new favorite number 1 sauce. The only thing that I could think of that would make this sauce even more flavorful is to create a spicy version like mixing this sauce with a sweet chili sauce and call it Sweet Heat Chili BBQ Sauce. 100% recommend this sauce to family members and friends who love BBQ sauce as much as I do.