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Bacon of the Month Club: 2 lbs every month!

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  • Grass Fed & Organic Meats

Love bacon? That's a trick question, you say. EVERYONE loves bacon!

Well, we have just the thing for you. We will send you 2 pounds of bacon (one of each flavor) every month for as long as you'd like. 

You'll have enough to wrap your steaks with, kick up your BLT sandwich, or steal the show at breakfast.

What flavors are you in for? Check out the 2022/ 2023 Bacon Flavor Guide to see what flavors are coming up!

All flavors are gluten free!

Here's what you get:

  • 2 pounds of bacon shipped to you every month 


*Unfortunately, the monthly clubs cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii

Here's how it works: 

  1. You select your membership length 
  2. Then, select your initial delivery date during checkout
  3. We will ship it to you around the same time as your initial delivery date, every month after that 
  4. Happiness!



2022 / 2023 Flavor Guide


What's in store for the rest of 2022 and 2023: 

 November 2022:  Stuffing Flavored and Apple Pie

December 2022:  Bourbon Smoked Black Pepper and Gingerbread

January 2023: Garlic Chili and Espresso Roasted Honey

February 2023: BBQ and Thai Sweet Chili

March 2023: Bloody Mary and Vanilla Bourbon

April 2023: White Truffle Sea Salt and Cherrywood Smoked

May 2023: Mango Jalapeno and Korean BBQ

June 2023: Center Cut Applewood Smoked and Cool Ranch

July 2023: Caramelized brown sugar peach and Cracked Pepper

August 2023: Applewood Smoked Maple and Rosemary Lemon

September 2023: Citrus Sugar and White Pepper Parmesan

October 2023: Sriracha Chili Flake and Garlic Basil

November 2023: Sun Dried Tomato and Citrus Sugar



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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Dana Gaetani
A great gift!

I sent this as a birthday gift and he loved it!! The bacon was absolutely amazing. The flavor was rich. The packaging kept the bacon cold! Would order this again, but for me this time!

Diane Hays
Great gift for bacon lovers

Got this 3 month subscription for my brother’s birthday. He loved the bacon!( who doesn’t love bacon- it makes everything taste better). Seems the package arrived intact. My brother told me the different flavors are very subtle- he wasn’t able to taste any difference. But he is thoroughly enjoying the bacon and looking forward to two more months of delicious!

Hubby loves his present!

I got this subscription for my bacon loving husband, and I am so happy I did! He has loved every flavor and the quality is amazing! I can’t say enough about this wonderful company — we so enjoy the witty shipment confirmation emails and the shipments are packaged so well. 100 percent satisfied customers!

Jami Cook
Excellent bacon!

Go team pig!
The first round of bacon went overwell very well with the birthday boy, can't wait until next month.

Marcel Munro
Best bacon. Never buy store bacon again!

This is my go to gift for my pig-loving friends, my fat friends, and vegans I hate. It’s a rough world for baconites out there. A over-saturation of low quality, robot made “pig products”.
Here is the key: it’s not that the bacon has magical properties, which it does. It’s not that a god came down from heaven and blessed each and every slice, which they did. It’s definitely not just that the greatest flavor molecules from the past, present and future came together to flavor each slice, which they did. What makes this bacon great is that is high quality, super-high quality.
Let’s be honest, I love bacon. But this is the best of all the bacons. When I die, I hope to be wrapped in pigofthemonth bacon, because at least I’ll be buried happy, delicious… and for the first time in my life, peaceful.