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Best of Bacon & Sausage Sampling

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  • Grass Fed & Organic Meats
  • It's nice to come home to a fully stocked fridge full of meats you can feel good about eating.

    Enter: this package full of bacon and sausage.

    This package is exactly what you need. 

    6 pounds of quality meat, packed with flavor and ready to take your everyday dinners up a notch. 

    Just a hint: this makes an excellent gift!

    Here's what you get:

    • 3 pounds of sausages total, 1 pound of each of our best-selling sausages: Sweet Italian Sausages, Garlic Butter Brats, and Apple Maple Patties (the size of your palm!)


    • 3 pounds of bacon total, 1 pound of each of our best selling bacon: Applewood Smoked Maple, Bourbon Smoked Black Pepper, and Garlic Chili. 


    Gluten free, Organic & Pasture Raised!

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