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Smoked Pulled Chicken

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  • For all of you out there looking for a piggy alternative, we bring you our scrumptious pulled chicken.

    It starts with free range chicken that we smoke over hickory coals to infuse it with the flavors of true barbecue.

    We shred it by hand, and douse it with a helping of BBQ sauce - kicked up a notch.

    It's savory, got a little kick to it, and as good for you as BBQ can get.

    Here's what you get: 

    • Smoked pulled chicken, packaged by the pound


    If you would like it sauce free, please let us know in the special requests section during checkout

    Gluten Free!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
kathy legrand
It's a great gift , even in not so fun times

Recently my sister and her husband find themselves commuting 110 miles each day for medical treatment. Tough haul, so I thought some ready to heat and serve, nutritious and delicious protein would serve to support them through this journey. As I have sent her "pig goodies" from your website before, I knew I could count on you delivering just what they would like. The Pulled Chicken was again the biggest hit, an item that her whole family really feasts on. The Lemon Bacon, a new flavor treat, was perfect for the weekend when they didn't have travel. As well, thanks for all the accurate delivery updates.

Tender and flavorful - with or without the sauce!

This smoked pulled chicken is so very tender and so very flavorful! I had to be on a "soft, bland diet" recently and was delighted when my doctor told me that I could have the pulled chicken as long as I did not add sauce to it - NO PROBLEM! We were able to order the chicken with the sauce on the side. The smoked chicken is so flavorful on its own that no sauce is required. (Granted, it is even better with a little sauce, but can stand alone without sauce, too.) Our annual summer BBQ party could go on, even with my restricted diet - THANK YOU, POTM for saving our annual tradition! ( To be honest, we were a little afraid that the neighbors might mutiny and throw us off the block if we did not host our annual BBQ party.)

Ed Fisher
Pulled Chicken Pleases

We recently ordered 4 items from POTM. In the past week, we have created several meals from the container of pulled chicken.
Served over rice, incorporated in tacos, or placed in lettuce wraps are a few ways we enjoyed this savory item. The quality of preparation and careful attention to packaging is impressive. Our only feedback was referencing the sauce which is a bit too spicy for our palate. Reaching out to Lea (the most amazing owner and president of POTM), she
Informed us that for future orders the sauce can be ordered on the side or eliminated. Lea’s response to feedback or questions is immediate and attentive - most extraordinary. POTM will always have our support and we look forward to experiencing our other items soon.

Mary Tuites
Big Hit with Entire Family

I have purchased this a number of times. It's consistently good, and makes for a number of meal options. I especially love how it is packaged in 1 lb. containers and easily stored. The taste is wonderful - a little sweet and a kick of spice. My recommendation is to try it... I think you will really enjoy this pulled chicken.

Michael Clough

I live by no news is good news but everything I’ve purchased was so good I will share and I’ll be back