Printable Gift Tags

I don't know about you, but every single year I end up with a small mountain of presents to wrap. 

I love pretty wrapping paper and bows, but there's always one things I forget...THE TAGS!

And I never want to leave my cozy house to venture out to get something as simple as tags, so I usually end up doing the folded piece of wrapping paper for a gift tag stand in #ratchet

This year will be different because I've had these gift tags made up by our super talented designer, Danielle.  The best part of it is...they're all printable!  I like to print them on slightly nicer, thicker paper that I usually have laying around for resumes and what not, but plain old printer paper or construction paper will do in a pinch. 

Hope this saves you in a bind too!

Download Printable Gift Tags Here