Does Bacon Really Cause Cancer?

The WHO (World Health Organization) made headlines last week when it announced that it was classifying meat as a Class 1 Carcinogen, which would put it into the same class as asbestos and smoking. 

But, we wondered if the headlines could possibly be true? So, broke it down for you so you can rest easy while frying up your next slice. 

Meat cause cancerl


When doing research, the WHO concluded that eating lots and lots of red, processed meats does lead to an increase in your chances of developing colon cancer, but it's nowhere near the dangers of smoking or asbestos...  

Bacon and cancer causing


5 to 6 %


50g of meat would be like eating a quarter pounder, 2 hot dogs, or 4 slices of bacon.  Most people tend to only eat meat once per day or less, and shouldn't need to worry.  

Just to give you a little more context,  eating more than 50g of meat per day will lead to a 1% increase in your chances for developing bowel cancer, but... smoking a pack a day will lead to a 2400% increase in your chances of getting lung cancer 

Plus, our bacon contains no added preservatives, nitrates or nitrites.  So, if you're going to enjoy your meats from time to time, you might as well make them as healthy as possible.