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Grass-Fed Corned Beef Brisket

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Arrives by December 24th

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Grass Fed & Organic Meats
  • We take grass fed beef and dry cure it with our own mix of herbs and spices before leaving it to brine in our special pickle for a full month. 

    This gives it an impossibly rich flavor and a nice salty finish that makes a perfect corned beef brisket.

    In comparison, the grocery store garbage is pumped full of brine and is done curing after 36 hours. 

    Yep, 36 hours versus 30 days. You taste the difference.

    Here's what you get:

    • Corned beef brisket, thinly sliced


    Gluten Free!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Christine piotrowski
So good.

I love Ruebins. This is so good with my Krauthammer ANF rye bread delicious

Mary Shea Mulligan
My Husband was salivating

Love, Love it!!! My Husband was literally salivating opening the box. No words to be said while eating, grunts of joy! Thanks for a Perfect Christmas gift. I will definitely be reordering. Happy New Year & Thank you!

Lynette Walton
Melt in your Mouth

The best corn beef I've every hard. It was great warm or cold. Delicious, flavorful, and tender.

Laurie Scott
Best corned beef

So good I’ve ordered again but ordered more this time. Everything is so good from this site

Shannon Brad
Do it

so far everything has been top shelf w/ my order from pig of the month. i was kept informed as to what was going on w/ it, the shipment came on the date i chose, everything arrived packed well, and frozen. we haven't cooked any of the ribs yet, but they are calling my name. we have cooked a pound of the corned beef..holy awesome batman. it was delicious. my second pound i plan on making reuben cabbage rolls with, yeah, i know, right ;). hoping to have at least 1 slab of the ribs soon, maybe this weekend. if you are thinking about ordering, don't second guess it. you'll be happy you did. the meat is awesome.