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Callie's Hot Little Biscuits

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  • We're a little ashamed to tell you how many of these we've eaten in one sitting. 

    They're small, but mighty and so warm, soft, and pillowy! These are biscuits you can keep stocked in your freezer and take out whenever the craving hits.  They're also perfect for entertaining or making egg sandwiches as part of a meal prep. 

    Choose between 2 flavors: 

    🍪 Country Ham, with little bits of salty, scrumptious smoked ham made into every biscuit (6 biscuits per box)

    🍪Classic Buttermilk  (6 biscuits per box)

    🍪Sausage Biscuit (4 biscuits per box)


    Here's what you get: 

    • Select your flavor to see your amount.  Country ham is 24 biscuits per box, and Classic Buttermilk is 6 biscuits per box


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